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911 Dispatch 

For years, a stalemate prevailed between emergency call center authorities and telecommunications carriers. Both needed to upgrade their systems to implement NextGen 911. NG911 would replace existing narrow-band, circuit-switched networks with bigger digital features including photo and video information. The system would be able to layer on location and other data for more efficient call routing and handling. Improved call routing will speed responders to the scene, and multimedia overlays could give dispatchers a clearer understanding of an emergency and would help them better organize the response. Public safety answering points around the nation are moving ahead on NG911.

In the coming year Justifeyed looks forward to sitting down with NG911 and forming a potential partnership. If we bring these two systems together, it could a steroid of a safety tool for our communities.

University/Colleges Campus Safety

Justifeyed would like to partner with a college or university that has a strong criminal justice or medical program. With this opportunity, we want to utilize hands on learning to educate emergency and medical services about the benefits of the Justifeyed app, and how it will integrate into their daily jobs. We will use the students feedback to improve our system, and show how the app saves valuable time and helps save more lives. This will pave the way to take our teachings to many other colleges, universities and technical schools.

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