Missouri's Outdated Communication System

June 24, 2019


This past week the Justifeyed team visited St. Louis, Missouri and got to see the many historic, breathtaking monuments and buildings all throughout the city. Down below you will read about the history of St. Louis's 9-1-1 dispatch system along with a few of the problems with the current system. The Justifeyed team wants to make a change all throughout America and there is no better way than to find out more about our amazing Country and States then by visiting them and observing the cities first-hand.


The Metropolitan Police Department governs the St.Louis area and operates as the city’s primary 911 system. All calls involving Emergency Medical Services(EMS), the Fire Department and any life threatening situations are transferred directly to the appropriate dispatcher, while calls for police services are handled by police department employees. The St. Louis department call center handles more than 800,000 calls per year, the department was formed on August 7, 1808 and at first consisted of only four officers, who received no pay. There are two different numbers you can call when you are in an emergency in St.Louis, one is for non-life threatening situations(314-231-1212) and the other for life threatening situations(911). As of 2019 there is approximately 1,760 full-time employees, 1,295 police officers; the departments annual budget of this year was $208.8 million dollars.


9-1-1 Outdated Communications


For those of you who don’t know the first 9-1-1 call was made on February 16, 1968 in Haleyville, Alabama by Senator Rankin Fite. Ever since then the way you call    9-1-1 has remained relatively the same, keep in mind that is 51 years ago. Justifeyed thinks time for a change. Down below will see the most common questions that are asked when a dispatcher answers the phone in case of an emergency.


  • What is your address or location?

  • What is your name and telephone number? (You do have the right to remain anonymous if you so choose)

  • Why do you need assistance?

  • When did the incident occur?

  • Was there a weapon involved?

  • Who committed the crime? Are they still at the scene? Can you provide a description?

In emergencies such as a medical emergency, a rape, abuse, a shooting, an intruder, robbery, assault, a car accident, and a situation where you are unable to speak. Being able to show what your situation is and what is going on around you, can eliminate many of these questions possibly all of them and save time and help get to the emergency faster. Because many times the amount of response time can affect the outcome of an emergency dramatically.


Most police officers and firefighters when responding to emergencies are unaware of the dangers that lie ahead of them and this is when the loss of life can occur. From 1983 to 2019 the St.Louis Metropolitan Police Department lost a total 170 officers and the Fire Department lost a total of 5 firefighter in the year of 2019. In most cases seeing the situation could better prepare them.


When in an emergency you should not have to worry about if your going to be able to receive help due to a language barrier. In Missouri the top most common non-english languages that are spoken are Spanish, German, Chinese, French, and Serb-Croatian. Translators are always available during 9-1-1 calls and can provide assistance with more than 150 languages. Although translators may be available at all times, in cases where they can’t be there it would be beneficial to have a system that translates the words of the caller on the screen of the dispatcher.   



Marcus Evans, I am the creator and founder and my daughter Raianna Evans is the co-founder of our mobile safety app. Justifeyed will be able to provide live video feed to a dispatcher so they can see your situation; and get help to you quicker and more efficiently. I am petitioning to get a bill put in place to improve our 9-1-1 system, while my daughter is petitioning to give all schools one unified app to help in an emergency. All of the details and information about that is on my website, which is shown below. With your help we can improve our 9-1-1 system and schools and potentially ensure a quicker and more efficient way for dispatchers to respond to emergencies. Step up and step out, ever signature counts. Will you help to make a change?

Justifeyed-Eye To Eye Live Video To Emergency Dispatchers (JLVD) Act 2020





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