911 Dispatcher Disciplined After Ordering Pizza On the Job

October 16, 2018

An emergency call to a 911 dispatcher went unanswered after the employee was on the other line ordering pizza, according to an investigation from the  Broward Sheriff’s Office in FL. According to reports, in September, a young man had a seizure and passed out while at an optometrist’s office and someone called 911. However, they never got through, and they never received a call back. “First they called from their office, no answer,” said Jared Goodman, a store employee. “I called from my cellphone. Again, no answer. Other people in the store tried calling, and nobody picked up.”


If every time you picked up the phone and someones life was in your hands, would you pick up the phone or order a pizza ? If a mortician mishandles a body they likely will face criminal charges. As a friend or family member you would be alleviated to learn of mistreatment towards a loved one. Yet as a dispatcher you ignore calls for almost 10 minutes to order a pizza, and is barely disciplined. As an adult when you hear the word discipline do you think of serious consequences or just a slap on the wrist ? The 911 system needs to hold their dispatchers more accountable in real time to properly preform their duties, not when listening to a call after the fact. If a prison guard doesn't guard prisoners well, prisoners get out, if a doctor doesn't do their job correctly, people die. All of these people get serious consequences if they don't do their jobs correctly. So if a dispatcher doesn't do their job correctly what consequences do they receive or do they just get a slap on the wrist ? 




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