Justifeyed Seeks Telecommunication Partnership

September 20, 2018


The American Telephone and Telegraph Company, which most of us know today as AT&T, established itself as a pioneer in the technology field back in 1885.  After absorbing the Bell Telephone Company during that time, AT&T became the primary phone company in the United States. As of 2017, AT&T remains the largest telecommunications company by revenue in the United States and is the third largest in the world.
   It was only natural that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would look to AT&T when trying to create a universal emergency number.  Prior to 911’s creation, some cities had more than 50 phone numbers to reach local police or fire stations. With AT&T’s guidance, the White House made the 911 system official in 1973.
   Although all telecommunication companies have access to 911, AT&T is dedicated to moving the system forward by helping first responders.  AT&T established a 25 year contact with the Federal government to provide the first nationwide public safety broadband network. In addition to the governments payment of $6.5 billion and 20 Mhz  of telecommunication spectrum, AT&T estimates spending $40 billion in building and operating costs over the life of the contract. Firstnet will help connect fire, police, and other emergency first responders on one unified network.  
   Justifeyed would like to join a conversation with AT&T and Firstnet to push public safety even further by including citizens along with emergency personnel in a unified mobile app driven system.
   It is time to critically look at the mobile safety apps that are provided to the public, schools, colleges, and universities, as well as our emergency responders. Justifeyed is focusing so much attention and putting so much thought into how the future of mobile safety is developed.  


Marcus and his team at Justifeyed are working to bring face to face communication with dispatchers. Providing this type of essential and direct communication will allow first responders to focus on what matters most; protecting communities and saving lives. Justifeyed is looking to change how we report crimes and emergencies. The last piece of the puzzle is to collaborate with a telecommunications company like AT&T.




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