Big Connection On The Horizon

January 19, 2018


Justifeyed had the opportunity to sit down again with our good friend Mayor Timothy Hanna of Appleton WI, along with Appleton's Chief of Police Todd Thomas, and Fire Chief Len Vaner Wyst . Creator and founder of Justifeyed, Marcus Evans proudly showcased the Justifeyed prototype, highlighting the benefits the app would provide to both branches of emergency service. The gentlemen welcomed the idea and saw the potential Justifeyed would provide to save time and lives, through the huge benefit of live feed. The concept of basing Justifeyed around the entire community, got them to understand we are not only about safety and knowledge, but also about bridging the gap of trust between communities and emergency personnel. 


Raianna Evans spoke about the Junior aspect of Justifeyed, in comparison to the STOP It app, currently rolled out in the Appleton Area School District. She was able to relay the differences of their concept and purpose, and provide details of how Justifeyed provides more for the user, and the ability to use the app on and off campus.



Melissa Meyer outlined the revenue and how Justifeyed would give back to the city. She broke down the premiums and how they would be a cost effective solution to an upgrade for the 911 system. Understanding the breakdown of the premiums, made it easier for them to see how Justifeyed will work with the city and it's resources to save money.

During conversation with Len and Todd, we learned that Justifeyed is coming in at the most opportune time, as Outagamie County, including the City of Appleton, is revamping and updating their 911 system this year. There is no better time than now to integrate Justifeyed because they are already under construction. 

All in all this successful meeting would not have taken place if not for Mayor Hanna. The potential of this system that you see and what you see in the Justifeyed team Mayor, we were able to show to some important people, so we sincerely thank you for the opportunity. Getting in front of these gentlemen gives us the potential for another important meeting and a big step in the right direction for us. 

The rise of Justifeyed is starting to be seen on the horizon in the Fox Cities, and as a team we are excited and ready.

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