Mayor Hanna Embraces Justifeyed

August 4, 2017


Mayor Timothy Hanna is one of the most humble and compassionate persons Justifeyed has had the pleasure of meeting. He is adamant about making sure the community, and anyone that comes into it or through it, reaches their full potential and is comfortable at all times in the city of Appleton.

Mayor Hanna loved what the Justifeyed App could do for the community, and the neighborhood watch. Nothing but positive feedback and an abundance of ideas where Justifeyed would be beneficial, were discussed. From colleges, to the police department, to Neighborhood Watch, Mayor Hanna could see Justifeyed immensely helping in all these areas. He is ready to work with Justifeyed again, and put this app into the right hands to start enhancing the protection in our communities.

Justifeyed is one step closer to closing a deal that will help launch us into existence. Connecting with an incredible city like Appleton WI, will bring an explosive revolution to technology and safety. We are prepared, through the urging of and suggestion from Mayor Hanna, to reach out once again to the Appleton Police  Department, and to also reach out to Lawrence University. What we can bring to these two entities can create and embrace a much needed change.

Here are a few imperative reasons to donate to Justifeyed, to get this revolutionary technology into your hands sooner. This app will bring jobs into our communities, which will create revenue. This app can also be used as a teaching tool in classrooms of all ages, for not only learning about aspects of safety, but to also educate on different aspects of the law as well. Justifeyed truly is a resource for everyone that puts knowledge and safety at your fingertips. Technology and ideas that remain unchanged, produce results that remain unchanged.

If you or anyone you know is willing to donate in any amount big or small, it will go right into creating Justifeyed. No amount is to small for change.

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