Another stray bullet; another lost life...

March 16, 2017


Police in Escondido California report that Catherine Kennedy was shot in the head by a stray bullet fired by a gang member, causing her to crash into a parked vehicle. She was transported to a hospital and died an hour later. Witnesses told police that at least two suspected gang members were shooting at each other as Ms. Kenned drove by.  

.-Justifeyed could have notified proper authorities when they saw the shooting happening

 -Justifeyed.could have alerted Ms.Kennedy of the area and the gang activity, and she could have taken an alternate route.

- Justifeyed could have gotten emergency personnel there quicker, possibly having saved Ms. Kennedy's life.

- A simple sign could have been placed in the area and may have deterred the gang members from being there or fighting there.

This is what we are trying to get you to see. Another crime that ended with a fatality that Justifeyed could have helped prevent. Things like this do not have to happen anymore. With justice and life saving tools at your finger tips, Justifeyed gives you that safety and piece of mind. Invest in Justifeyed and invest in a safe future decidated to fighting with you.



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