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In today’s story, we will be talking about some fun and easy things for kids and families to do while we are stuck in quarantine, with one of our youngest team members, Nahla who is currently seven. All from helping your parents with chores to doing push-ups and sit-ups to stay in shape, Nahla and the Justifeyed team cover it all.

Things we miss doing while in quarantine

Just like many of us, Nahla talks about some of the things she misses doing. So we asked her some questions about her favorite class in school, her favorite things to do in school, and some things she loves to do with her friends and teachers.

What do kids know about our current situation

Americans across the country are talking about Covid-19 and the many things that are being affected by it as well. One thing that many people may not think of is what are kids thinking, talking, or know about when it comes to the Coronavirus. So we asked Nahla about her thoughts and opinions on what she thinks is going on right now.

First, we asked Nahla what she knew about what she calls the “sickness”. Nahla talked about how she knew that lots of people were getting sick and hurt as well as how important it is for everyone to wear masks, but especially kids.

Fun things to do while in the house

With many of us at home suffering from severe boredom, you have probably found yourself asking what there is to do in your house. Well, Nahla gives us some ideas as to what kids and their families can do, she talks about exercising, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and even better, helping parents with chores.

What kids can do to stay safe and healthy in the house?

Most families are wondering what activities they can do to stay healthy and in shape. Nahla gives us some great things that she does to stay healthy. So below we made a list of Nahla’s favorites:

  • Eating vegetables

  • Dancing

  • Jumping on her mini-trampoline

  • Doing the dishes

  • Helping with chores

  • Helping cook dinner

  • Calling friends and family

  • Cleaning her house

  • And a lot more!

Why Should I Do It?

Some kids may ask why they need to wear a mask or wash their hands. Nahla breaks down her very logical reason for why all of these things are important. Nahla talks about the sickness and how a lot of people are getting hurt and how little kids need to be safe so that they don’t get sick and hurt their families. She also warns everyone that we need to protect the little kids because as she says it, they are the cutest and smartest and need to be safe.

Nahla and the Justifeyed wanted to give you a sense of relief this Mother’s day. Right now we are all going through a rough time and sometimes the ideas of others help us strive to better ourselves. So maybe try adapting some of Nahla’s new ideas and exercises and see if it helps your family.

“To the world, you are a mother, to your family you are the world” (unknown)

Happy Mother’s Day - The Justifeyed Family

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