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Together we are all in the fight to create a better tomorrow for not only ourselves but our children and their future. With millions of people in their homes and off of work and many Americans scattered looking for help. There are two systems that we all potentially might need during this hard time and that is one our 9-1-1 dispatch systems and two the healthcare system. One of these has not changed much since we were first introduced to it and that is our dispatch system which is our only helpline for us when we are in an emergency situation. Were you aware that our current 9-1-1 system turned 52 years old this February? Well has it ever came across your mind that it might be time for a change? With that being said do you use anything that is 52 years old, and if you do does it still work efficiently? At Justifeyed we believe it is time for a change, and we hope you share the same opinion.

What we need from our communities and government officials is to see that our old ways are not working anymore and we need to find new and more efficient ways of making a

9-1-1 call. There are tons of creative and innovative minds and small businesses that have thought of new and better ways to do things and we have to be able to give them the opportunity they seek to in turn better ourselves as a whole country. Justifeyed is one of the many small businesses that seek change and have the ideas and evidence to back up the need for change. It all takes a simple acknowledgment that there is a need for improvement. Now more than ever we are going to need an efficient way of calling for help in an emergency situation, and all Justifeyed is asking for is that communities and government officials recognize the need for new and better ways especially when there are lives at stake now more than ever.

Because, in order to better in the future serve first responders and the public, we are interested in your opinions and feedback on the safety in and around the area you live in. As well as the improvements and changes you see that can be made within the 9-1-1 dispatch system. At Justifeyed our main focus was on how we can help and benefit the public, first responders, and our country as a whole. Throughout this story we have researched information about different 9-1-1 systems in our area and others as well and how other cities are currently dealing with the most recent problem, the Covid-19 pandemic.

For weeks first responders and medical professionals have been racing across the country attempting to save as many lives as they possibly can. As the high numbers of deaths and emergency calls from Covid-19 grow dispatchers and first responders have been hit with an overwhelming wave of work and stress. As many essential workers have been concerned with how they will be able to work efficiently and safely while following all safety precaution guidelines. In Chicago, police officers have been instructed to only focus on crimes that have a direct risk to the public’s exposure as well as been reduced to certain jobs to obey the physical distancing rules to decrease the risk of spread.

One of Justifeyed’s biggest things to accomplish is to be able to bring the entire country united as one, by having one universal system. In all fifty states, there are different 9-1-1 dispatch systems used, even in a small county like Outagamie county of Wisconsin there are improvements trying to be made. According to Fox 11 News reporter Sierra Trojan, Wisconsin is one of 34 states to receive the federal grant to upgrade their 911 system, which shows that the United States still remains to be on all different platforms for their 9-1-1 systems. NextGeneration 9-1-1 is a company that is aimed at updating the 9-1-1 service infrastructure in the United States and Canada since 2000. Taking into consideration that for the last twenty years they have attempted to improve public safety by adding to the current 9-1-1 system with text, video, and images. NextGen911 is currently a system that many cities and states will be upgraded to, most states are still working on gathering equipment the system hopes to be up and in use by 2022.

At Justifeyed our main focus was on how we can benefit the public, first responders, and our country as a whole in three different stages: before the call, during the call, and after the call.

Before the call: It is a race against time to save your life which is why we want to minimize the questions

During the call: Through the live video feed, we are able to identify the emergency situation, which in turn better prepares emergency personnel for the situation they are going into.

After the call: We analyze one the response time, two what type of emergency situation happened, and three use the emergency situation data to in the future provide local, and state statistics back to the public and first responders.

AMERICA it’s time for a change, but first take a look at yourself to make that change.

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