Universal Emergency

First off we would like to say, Thank You, to all the Healthcare professionals, Dispatchers, Military, Corrections, EMS, Fire, and Police personnel, and each and every family who have been doing their part by staying home to slow the spread.

America, we all know that we have a problem at hand, so why not find a solution together? With most of us changing our daily lives due to this virus and the state we are in, there’s no better time than now, to make improvements. Not just in the medical field but also in telecommunications, and public safety. Which is why Justifeyed has developed a way to give 9-1-1 dispatchers a live video feed, when an emergency phone call is placed.

For 3 years, Justifeyed has focused on the 9-1-1 system and how we can improve it. What better time to help make a change than when we all have time at home? From CEOs, down to small startup businesses, we all are currently in our homes. We hope that with this time at home, you will see what the Justifeyed team has been showing you the improvements that can be made when making an emergency phone call.

Coming together as a community is important because we all have to put in an effort to find a solution to save not just ourselves, but our country.

We at Justifeyed feel that although we are at a standstill as a country, that does not mean we can’t help one another. What that shows you is we have the opportunity to stand up for a solution that can benefit all of us.

So how can you help?

You can help by looking at our website and giving us your feedback on our quick three-minute survey. Let’s use our voices to make this happen.

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