Justifeyed’s SCORE

Any successful business relies on many key components. One of these important elements is the business plan. A business plan is a literal pitch to potential investors, lenders, or partners. Anyone who has put a business plan together knows it can be a very tedious process.

Marcus has found an incredible mentor in Terry Pinch from SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives.) They meet on a weekly basis and Terry helps Marcus form a business plan for Justifeyed LLC. SCORE is a non-profit organization comprised of successful local business people that volunteer their time to help entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses.

Did you know that 14.3% of businesses started by an individual with disabilities will fail? Despite his disability, Marcus is able to work at his own pace and abilities with SCORE and Terry. They understand that everyone learns in different ways, and they very much embrace these differences. Terry is able to explain each section of the business plan and why it should contain the information that it does, all in a way that Marcus can understand and apply to Justifeyed’s business plan.

Once the business plan is laid out, Marcus will be able to take this and apply it in a class that will get Justifeyed in the hands of the people that will make it successful.

Be prepared to see Justifeyed LLC in full force with in the next 5-6 months, and nationwide in the next year! Great things happen when you SCORE the right help and insight.

To learn more about SCORE you can visit their website at www.foxcitites.score.org , or by calling (920)303-2266 to set up an appointment.

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