Marcus and Anne

So far, the month of October has been amazing for Justifeyed LLC. – plenty of

new things coming your way, and some great changes, which takes a team effort

to accomplish. Marcus has been working closely with Anne Schauman of ACE

(Alternative Center for Education), which has bettered both of their organizations

in so many ways. Anne does so much with the youth in the community that

working with Justifeyed has given her the opportunity to work with someone of a

different generation and platform. We are giving Anne the opportunity to work

with someone needing assistance with reading and writing to build a business,

and she is working with me so I might better relate the message Justifeyed is

trying to convey to the public, as well as potential investors.

Marcus and Anne are excited to be working together to bring technology and safety to people with disabilities and everyone else, while teaching Marcus at the same time. This has been and continues to be a great way to break barriers in communication on two different levels, through education and a vision brought to life against the adversity of a disability.

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