Appleton Sees Crime With 20/20 Vision

For the past two and a half years Mayor Hanna has always shown great gratitude towards the effort the Justifeyed team puts forward into trying to make both Appleton and Wisconsin a safer and better place to live. This past Thursday the Justifeyed team met with Mayor Timothy Hanna of Appleton, Wisconsin. We discussed many important topics; mostly involving how to better the lives and safety of the citizens in Appleton.

In the heart of the Fox Cities you can find a growing city called Appleton, Wisconsin, all summer long you can most likely find yourself walking downtown hearing beautiful serenades of music from all around, tasting and trying many culturally different things at our local farmers market. In Appleton you can see busy college students walking to classes, business men and women talking and eating at one of the many great downtown restaurants and many people from the near by houses walking, running or taking their dogs out. But with that being said Appleton has also had there fair share of crime and violence, this past year the city of Appleton has had a slight increase of violent occurrences, even losing one of our very own Appleton firefighters in a shooting. One thing that both Justifeyed and Mayor Hanna agree on is that with this slight rise of crime in Appleton it is extremely important to find a solution to tame this violence and get back to being a safe community.

We also discussed ways for Justifeyed to become more grounded and usable in Appleton, which Mayor Hanna was extremely helpful with, by helping connect us with the correct people and places to push Justifeyed closer into the public's hands. Which is the most important step in beginning the process to help communities see crime with 20/20 vision.

Again the Justifeyed team thanks Mayor Timothy Hanna for the great work he does, because without him Appleton, Wisconsin would not be the same. We look forward to continue working with the city of Appleton.

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