Safety Treats For The Streets

Criminals are always giving tricks, so let me give you a treat! Here are some tips to keep you and your family save this Halloween: Helpful Tips for Halloween


Have a meeting spot

Make sure your phone is charged Always travel in groups

Wait until you get home to eat candy, so you can make sure it's safe

Only go to houses that have their lights on

Know trick or treat hours

Report emergencies to 911, try to remember details

Wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight at night,

Be careful when wearing masks,make sure you can see clearly

Dress for the weather


Have a meeting spot in case you are separated from your group

Always Travel in groups

Drink responsibly

Have a safe, sober driver

Ladies/Gentlemen do not walk alone

Do not harm actors in haunted houses, this can lead to arrest Be aware of the people and things around you

Homeowners - watch out for your neighbors

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