Making the Most of Wisconsin Startup Week 2019

What's new America? I wanted to share with you that Startup week in Wisconsin is about to kick off and what it could mean for you. First, for those of you who might not be familiar with what startup week is, let me give you a breakdown on what the benefits are to you and your business.

1. Networking- One of the most important aspects to a successful business. Networking opens up communication links between different businesses to better explain what their product/business is. It enables not just entrepreneurs a chance to talk about their business ideas, but current business owners too. To hear their journey to success and to have knowledge of the hard lessons others have learned along the way helps make your own business that much stronger and successful.

2. Teaching and Providing Resources- learn about the market opportunities in your city or state. There are so many resources in your community that goes unused due to lack of knowledge. This is a place you want to be if you need questions answered about business especially in your own area.

3. Multiple events- Come be a participant in these free networking and learning events. Light snacks and drinks are provided so you can focus more on the abundance of information you will receive.

4. Now if you're more of a night person there's also room for you! Many different venues throughout your local city or town will hold networking events for Start-up week. Find a bite to eat, a good beer or nice glass of wine. Whatever you choice may be, just don't forget to bring your pen and paper because information is going to be available and valuable.

5. Business Cards- one of the hardest things with so many great people and ideas is remembering who you talked to. Majority of the people you meet always have a business card and a way to contact them. So make sure you bring enough to pass and receive enough to prosper!

For more event information please visit- Startup Wisconsin at

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