College and University Safety Tips

 Over this summer Justifeyed has taken time out to travel to several states to check out some college and university campuses. Justifeyed always likes to see how and where we can help the students and staff safety wise. 

Parents... do you have a kid heading off to college ? Well if you do,  Justifeyed has taken time and listed a few safety tips you can share with your child to keep them safe on and off campus all throughout the school year. 

Students... are you heading off to a university or college maybe a couple of miles away from your parents or heading out of state ? Well Justifeyed has made a list of how you can stay safe both on and off campus no matter where you are. There are many safety improvements that could be made on both college and university campuses so always be aware of your surroundings because sometimes when moving you are not fully aware of the crime, people, or places around you. 

We know that every campus is not perfect.  Justifeyed wants you to look around your campus and see if there are any safety improvements that could be made. If you see anything that you believe could be improved, speak up, say something, what you have to say matters when it comes to your safety.  Justifeyed is giving you its advice and tips on how to avoid getting hurt or in trouble. Students heading off to a college or university, always remember; if you have a bad feeling or thought about anything that is going on always listen to your gut  Justifeyed wishes you the best of luck this school year. Be safe, be smart, and always remember to stay out trouble. If you would like to send a email to Justifeyed about your campus safety, you can contact us at 

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