Justifeyed Needs More Funding

Over the last two years my daughter and I have been marketing and advertising our safety app Justifeyed to several communities, students, teachers and multiple police agencies and counties. Justifeyed is giving everyone not only one unified system we are changing the entire face of the 9-1-1 system by giving dispatchers and the public face to face communication. We never imagined this idea would have gotten us this far in such a short time. Now that we have begun to get our name out there, we are trying to figure out how to obtain the rest of the funding needed to get the Justifeyed app in the app market and the hands of the public.

Over a little under two years, 20 months, we have only raised $950 of our $40,000 goal. We were slightly disappointed seeing this. We have taken the time to travel to many different places such as, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, as far as Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. In our travels we have seen first hand the need and benefit Justifeyed would have everywhere.

Over this summer we have spoken to Mayors , Congress people, Senators and all types of emergency personnel, and most were very intrigued and interested in what the app had to offer. A comment that was commonly made was " We do not have a lot of crime here in our city." Based off of our resources and research this comment was usually proven to be wrong. Justifeyed is here to help everyone but if our idea is not accepted we can not help, our main goal is to get our app into the public's hand and give communities, schools and emergency staff one unified safety system. 

We need the help of not only the public, but the government and emergency services as well. Help us by donating or investing funds to get this app in your counties and schools. Once our app is up and running some of the funds start going right back into your communities. Help us help you by donating today ! 

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