Referees Are Giving Flags, While Cops Are Giving Tickets

Many fans have probably had too much to drink, but almost no fans will tell anyone that they are drunk and need a ride. People in Wisconsin will most likely drink and party to celebrate with friends and family. But most people will rarely think about how driving home they could have the potential to lose control of their vehicle and kill an innocent person. If drinking and driving is such a big problem here in Wisconsin why don't we find a way to help save more lives, time and money. All we need is an organization to reach out give us a hand and Justifeyed could be out in the app market and start saving lives almost instantly.

Drinking and Driving

Bill would lower drinking age in Wisconsin to 19 - WISN-TV

Wisconsin ended 2016 with 588 traffic fatalities, which was 33 more than 2015 and 40 more than the five-year average, according to preliminary statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. State traffic fatalities in 2016 were the highest since 2012 when 601 people died on Wisconsin roads.

Wisconsin Tougher Drunk Driving Laws Went Into Effect January 1

Of the 25,734 OWI citations adjudicated in Wisconsin during 2015, 93% of the drivers were found guilty. This total included 4,475 cases where the driver refused the alcohol test. 94% of the people who refused the alcohol test were found guilty.

Editorial: It's time to wake up and strengthen Wisconsin's DUI laws

I want you to imagine driving home after a Packer game on a two-lane Highway and then being hit by a drunk driver. Your left wrist might be broken and your right leg is crunched and you think it might be broken. Now after coming to this realization call 9-1-1 and explain your situation at this time the dispatcher is going to tell you to stay calm and tell her your current location and what's your emergency and to wait until other emergency personnel arrives. Don't you think showing your emergency situation to a dispatcher could possibly save valu

Justifeyed wants you to drink responsibly at any event no matter where it is and what's going on. Always remember that your life is way more important than drinking that last beer especially when you know you have to drive somewhere afterwards. Drinking and driving and killing someone could potentially get you 15 to 20 years in prison. Justifeyed is focusing on many problems throughout the state of Wisconsin and drinking and driving tends to be a big thing. We need the help of not only the public, but the government and emergency services and other big organizations and companies as well. Help us by donating or investing funds to get this app in your counties and schools. Once our app is up and running some of the funds start going right back into your communities. Help us help you by donating today ! You can donate now at Wisconsin is know for there loose drinking laws and one big thing that Justifeyed is concerned with. Is that currently senators and governers are arguing about lowering the drinking age but if we continue to have reocurring drinking and driving problems with adults. What do we think will happen if we allow youth to drink ?

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