Nationwide Communication Problem

Do you bleed blood and breath air ? 

Well if you bleed blood and breath air, Justifeyed can help you. Justifeyed is all about showing the problem not  just hearing the problem, when you call the 911 dispatch system right now. You have to answer about 10 to 15 questions and then describe what's going on and specific things around you to help dispatch figure out the scene. Then you have to wait close to 7-8 minutes for the police and if needed other first responders to arrive. As of 2018 the Federal Communications Commission  stated that " That many emergency operators currently lack the technical capability to receive texts, photos and videos. " Justifeyed is fighting tooth and nail to help improve the 911 system because the more we improve the more we help the people, but understand we are not saying that the 911 system is bad we are saying that in some cases seeing the problem instead of just hearing the problem could help us together save more lives, save more time, save more money and help make the communities become cleaner and safer. Federal Communications Commission stated that

" You must tell the emergency operator the location of the emergency right away. "  The reason we are told to do this is because currently dispatch is not capable of pin pointing  your exact location, but if Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook is able to figure out where you are and where your friends and followers are at, wouldn't you think that our dispatch system would be able to do that as well.

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