"We Are All Soldiers"

This call is to all soldiers. When you hear the word “soldier” generally you think of a person in uniform who looks danger in the eye and is fearless as bullets are flying. They see honor in what he or she is doing to protect our country and their fellow soldiers from danger. With that said teachers , parents , students , principals , dean's , and emergency staff , every school year we all work long hours to make sure kids get to school, learn,grow and get home safely. Over the last four years however, we have seen and been through far too many school shootings nationwide. We prepare every year by sending out the long list of classroom supplies needed for each child, while the teachers are planning lessons and setting up classrooms, principals and dean's are setting the bar for what they are expecting from their schools and universities, and laying out the budget for the school year. The school board is looking at the budget also, making sure their schools have enough money for field trips and miscellaneous expenses, and all emergency personnel are rolling out new ways to keep everyone, including our kids safe. Even with all these preparations there seems to be one thing missing, parents and students receiving materials and information on what to do in the instance of a school shooting. Our parents and children need to be informed on what happens and what to in the event of an emergency like this. There should be a plan of action in place that is received before school starts, so parents can go over it with their children so everyone is on the same page. Justifeyed is here, in the middle of summer before a new school year, stopping in at many schools and universities, speaking with and meeting Mayors and County Representatives in various states, presenting the safety app. If we have one safety app for all schools in all states, it could be a huge improvement in school safety. Anything that can help schools as well as the community is definitely something all emergency staff should be considering. Below is a list of some of the benefits Justified is looking to provide 1. This is a unified safety app for all schools and emergency personnel 2. Providing on and off campus information and statistics 3. Every 6 months the school district is able to see and show how the money is being disbursed and how the information is benefiting the school 4. Helping people with disabilities contact emergency personnel the same way everyone else does All it takes is one college or university and a county to partner with Justifeyed LLC to make this app fall into the right hands. What we need is everyone to start using their voices and speaking up, parents, students, and staff you have to speak up. To make a change we all have to be soldiers and fight through this war on hate and bullying, because if you do not the next school shooting could be right around the corner. So stand and fight with the soldiers of Justifeyed for the battle in front of us. 

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