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Inspiring not only yourself and family, but inspiring community with these actions you can accomplish great things. The word inspire is powerful, it can push a person to do great things, things they never saw in themselves before. Being inspired can change oneself or something for the better and amazing things can happen. Justified wants to inspire the world with face-to-face communication. This app is designed to help everyone, from farmers, to students, teachers ,all emergency staff, nurses,doctors, anyone with or near someone with a cellphone. With so many foreigners coming into the country every day this is something that can better the line of communication between the caller and emergency dispatchers. Technology is one of the fastest growing businesses but don't just tell the world what they want to hear about it, show them, inspire the world to listen and create a better world for tomorrow. The best way to do this is to inspire yourself. What do you believe in, standing there waiting or taking action? Start with Justifeyed and inspire others with safety first. Connect all schools and colleges with one unified safety app, the app of Justifeyed.

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