Blue Light in Your Pocket

The day is finally here! After years of hard work, studying, and preparation, your student is on their way to college. Every “t” has been crossed and “I” has been dotted while the car is packed. You take these final precious moment to remind you child to separate the light and the dark clothing before washing, to call home every once and a while, and that they are there to learn not party. You kiss them on the forehead and watch them drive away. For the first time they are leaving the safety of your home and your watchful eye.

Of course you have talked to them about college safety. There are safety in number, so never walk home alone. If they are in serious trouble they can press the “Blue Lights” that are scattered around campus. Blue lights are a good idea in theory, but how often are they used? According to Kansas State University, a campus on 23,000 student, the blue light call system is used 45 times in 2016, a decline from the 72 calls made in 2015. With blue light call towers costing approximately $7,500 each to install, and $200 a year to maintain, colleges need to start looking at alternative safety measures. The Justifeyed LLC mobile app puts the blue light in your pocket. Whether your student is at an out of control house party off campus, or is being harassed and followed back to their dorm room, safety it at their finger tips. Face to face real time chat with emergency responders can alert the authorities without putting your student in further harm. The user can simply scan the scene and the responders (who are automatically updated with the students location) can asses the situation while sending the appropriate first responders. Justifeyed… giving parents the tools to keep their college student safe…….giving college students the ability to enjoy new experiences knowing the carry a blue light in their pocket.

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