Sign of the eye علامة العين

For hundreds of years different cultures have used different symbol and amulets for protection or to ward off harms. Some used an arrowhead to protect themselves from illness and others intending to hurt them. In ancient times, a gemstone called the “cat’s eye”, the all seeing eye of Horus,and well as the hand of Fatima were all used to protect the holder from the evil eye.

                                                                                                                                                    The evil eye dates back to over 5000 years. It’s believed it represents spiteful people the will cause sickness, harm and even death. Although some may think it’s a foolish superstition, the evil eye influence many people today.

So what does the modern day metropolitan person use to defend themselves against harm? In a recent Gallups Crime Poll 48% of people stay away from troubled areas while another 12% carry a fire arm for protection. Justifeyed is the technology so desperately needed for safety in today society.

The Justifeyed safety app can be installed on any Android or iOS cellular phones. Once installed, the Justifeyed app gives you up to date crime statistics by location to help you avoid troubles areas. If you do find yourself in harm’s way, with a simple click, Justifeyed will start recording video of the situation and relaying it directly to authorities. If you need medical help, you will be connected to a specialist via a face to face, real time video chat. This specialist will be able to identify your location and dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel needed immediately. This happens even if you cannot speak. Carrying around a cat’s eye gem or a four leaf clover may give you peace of mind, but carrying the Justifeyed app offers you true protection.

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