Happy Fourth of July ! Be Safe !

Good Afternoon everyone, I’d like to say two major things to help you and your family have a more enjoyable Fourth of July. Number one always be safe when operating and enjoying fireworks, Number two always use your common sense when around fireworks. First of all happy Fourth of July to all of my friends and family all around the world. If you are using fireworks around kids and you are drinking know your limit. When you are drinking, things tend to slow down and when your trying to light fireworks or supervise children while under the influence it tends to end bad. Please be sure to light and shoot fireworks at least 20 feet away from houses, businesses, and vehicles. You never know how powerful some of these fireworks can be.

You know that saying see something, say something well, during the Fourth of July this saying is very crucial and important. If you see something that doesn’t look right, say something it could end up saving a life or lives. If you see someone firing fireworks into traffic, alert someone. If you see someone firing fireworks at a house, say something. If you cause any harm to a person, vehicle, or building from shooting a firework, it can result in felony charges. If you see someone with a gun, say something ! If you have been drinking at a party and you know you are unable to drive, don’t get in the car, say something to someone, ask for a ride home, or call an uber or cab. These are your quick Fourth of July safety tips from Justifeyed. Have a fun, safe Fourth of July !

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