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A father, loving husband, brother and son, standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, is one of four shot in a drive by shooting in Chicago on Sunday June 3rd; sadly he was the only one to lose his life. Ari Armour just had a second daughter in April, who celebrated his wedding anniversary in May, is another of the latest innocent victims of gun violence in Chicago.

Armour was a talented and driven young man, as an author of a childrens book aimed at teaching youth their ABC's in spanish, he also worked in CPS which gave him an inside perspective to the needs and disadvantges the black children face. Living in a city where nearly 9 people a day are shot, Ari still managed to inspire and teach the youth there is a better way. Not only was he inspiring and helping youth, but in his colleges days he also helped Justifeyed's CEO Marcus Evans, read while they were in school together. An incredible individual and insprirational black man gone too soon.

Senators Durbin and Duckworth, Mayor Emanuel, and Governor Rauner; Justifeyed's question to you is, when is enough, enough? Over 3,000 people shot in 2017, and we are still looking for a solution instead of working on one that's already right in our face. There is no action put behind the words you speak about making a change. $50 million dollars in general revenue to the 911 system and what has it done? Take some of that $50 million and put it into a much needed change that Justifeyed offers. Unedited, real time video for emergency services and dispatchers to see exactly what is happening and where, giving them the ability to more effectivly perform their job. Stricter gun laws and better resources for law enforcement, that is where the money needs to go.

Ari did not have to die for us to know and act on what needs to happen. Understand that summer is here and the heat is coming, which means the crime will only increase. Our people deserve and need a way to better our streets, and protect themselves.

Malorie Armour lost her dear brother that fateful Sunday, and she had some very powerful words to share as she grieved her loss. She stated "We always want to say black lives matter. When will black lives matter to the black?" " We're taking our foundation, piece by piece, and we're gong to be left with gravel in a minute."

Justifeyed could not agree more with her statements. We urge you, the people of Chicago, to call your Senators and let them know it's time for a change, and that change is Justifeyed. You can contact Senator Durbin at (312) 353-4952, or Senator Tammy Duckworth at (312) 886-3506. Let them know our mother's are tired and our women and children cannot take anymore. Stop letting the gangsters and the rapisits run our streets, let those with the power to make a change use it to save our communities and let everyone live to inspire and teach the way Ari did.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ari's family, especially his wife and children. May his light and inspriration live on through all of you. We at Justifeyed will do our part to not let your death be just another statistic.

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