Justifeyed's Flipflop Sandbox Challenge !

Justifeyed LLC would like to challenge everyone, in every community, to create Flipflop Sandboxes and honor those we have lost this year, due to school shootings. Those we have lost cannot walk in the sand in their flipflops, or sit around a campfire with friends or family this summer.  

Teachers we have lost will not be able to spend their summer creating memories like, walking along the beach with their family, or building sandcastles with their kids. There will be no talk about their summer adventures with the students in the new school year. Most importantly they will not be there to shine their light of knowledge on these children to help make them better people and give them goals. 

Students no longer with us will not be spending their summer playing volleyball in the sand on the beach with friends, or walking in their flipflops to and from each others houses. Bonfires at friends houses or in the woods, will now have a few empty seats where the students we lost are supposed to be. Their light will always shine in the hearts of their friends and families 

Justifeyed wants to make sure there are no more empty seats at that bonfire, or empty flipflops no longer walking in the sand. We are ready to give more safety to the students and the teachers of every school. Communication is key in the event of a school shooting and all to often that communication is not clear. With the face to face live video of Justifeyed emergency services know what is happening and are able to see everything that is going on, instead of relying on phone calls or communication passed down the line. Students and teachers have the same line of defense to help potentially save lives with better safety.

We encourage and challenge you all to create a Flipflop Sandbox and spread them all over the community. Let the families and friends of those we lost know they are not forgotten and that you will carry their light through the summer and always. Put these sandboxes by your front doors, or at the schools throughout the community. Put them in parks or by swimming pools, on beaches and piers. Lets get at least one for every live lost and every bullet shot.

If you would like to donate to Justifeyed to help spread the sandboxes and get this safety into the hands of all the people of every school, please visit our GoFund Me page 

https://www.gofundme.com/justifeyed.com and together we can make a difference to save a life. Any amount is greatly appreciated and can go so much. 

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