Justifeyed Calls All Senators-Pick Up

Another great day for the Justifeyed team in Wisconsin's state capitol. After three different meetings with two different senators, and a member of the state assembly, we realized we are talking to the right people.

Senator Fred Risser was certainly an inspiration to sit down with. He has been in politics for more than 60 years, including representing Wisconsin's 26th district as a senator since 1962. At the age of 90, Senator Risser is the 4th generation of politicians in his family. He was very engaged and intrigued by what Justifeyed has to offer ,stating that this is going to part of the change to come. He advised Justifeyed to sit down with representatives at the county levels, stating he would like to see this kept in Wisconsin. We let him know, as a team, we will do our best to keep it in the state. Thank you Senator RIsser for sitting down with the Justifeyed team, and truly seeing the value of the system.

Justifeyed also met with Emma, a member of State Assemblyman Gordon Hintz's staff. She too was very engaged with all the aspects of Justifeyed, and was a bit taken back by the magnitude of the app. She understood and appreciated the value of the app for college students ,in particular college women. While Emma is not a decision maker, she will be sharing our information with Assemblyman HIntz and we hope to hear from him soon.

Lastly, we met with Nick Janis of Senator Chris Larson's staff. Nick was very open and receptive to the idea and implementation of Justifeyed. He stated Senator Larson is very tech savoy, and interested in change. Nick completely engulfed the value of the technology, especially for colleges. He stated he would like to keep in contact, and encouraged Justifeyed to reach out to two of Senator Larson's most trusted constituents. Nick will be speaking with Senator Larson, and is excited to see how well Justifeyed does.

The feedback Justifeyed received yesterday was, once again, very positive, but we walked away with so much more. We learned that we need your help. To make a change Justifeyed needs you, the people, to pick up your phones and call your state Senators and representatives. Tell them you want to see this change, you want to be able to have live video feed in any emergency situation. Make them aware that the time for talking to our 911 dispatchers is a thing of the past, but instead it's time to start showing them. If your safety and communities matter to you, call to make a change. This generation of voices is in the next generations future.

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