Whispers From The Dark Brought To Light

Here are two chilling statistics you might not know, 1 out of every 6 woman has been the victim of an attempted or contemplated rape in her lifetime, and 3,287 woman are sold or kidnapped and forced into slavery every day. What these two staggering facts have in common is that if help is not gotten to these woman in time, one can lead to the other, and sadly some of these woman will die.

As you heard in the video, this woman was kidnapped and taken to a home and area she was not too familiar with, however she knew an important landmark. Although she relayed it to the dispatcher, they misunderstood and were a bit confused as to where the woman actually was. The woman was fortunate enough to  have escaped, but for the two other women the abductor captured, help did not come soon enough. 

Imagine how much different this situation might have been, had the woman used Justifeyed for help. The face to face connection with the dispatcher would have allowed the woman to remain almost completely silent, because dispatch would have had a live vision of the scene, and given that the woman knew there was a window she may have been able to show dispatch  where she was without saying anything. With Justifeyed the situation could have been so much different for the other woman, and it's possible they could still be alive.

The video footage would be so helpful in situations similar these. Woman who are forced to remain quiet but have access to a phone , can receive the help they need without saying a word.  Women who manage to escape but have no idea of where they are or what's around them , are able to show someone where they so help can quickly be dispatched to them. You can tell someone in so many ways that you are in trouble and need help to make them understand, but you can show them just once and they can understand right away.

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