Are School Teachers Trained For A War Zone

The above video illustrates just what we have to be training our teachers for today. Unfortunately this scenario is all to real in our schools , but we have poorly prepared and compensated our teachers for it. There are approximately 3.1 million teachers in the United States that put their lives on the line for our children every day. At any moment any one of those teachers could be in the next school where this tragedy happens. We need to start giving these teachers a line of defense, as well as compensating them better for what they do. They teach our children to help make them productive members of society ,but they are also starting to become almost like bodyguards for them too. “Honestly, I am invested and I love what I do, but I am run down and exhausted. There aren’t enough hours in the day.” Teachers in Fairfax County, Virginia, are wearing jeans to work to protest their low pay and high expectations. They recently threatened to stop writing college entrance recommendation letters to try to get the point across: they don’t want to be poor to do this important work and they do far more than an honest day’s job.

When going through college to become a teacher, it never crossed my mind that I would need or ever receive active-shooter training,” said a Kentucky teacher, Staci Clark Hughes. “I never thought I would have to worry about turning a broom handle into a weapon of defense or how to lock my classroom door within seconds. I never thought I would need to know what a discharged weapon sounded like in a school hallway.… We did not go to college for this.”

While teachers do not go to school to train for a school shooting, this may be the future of what teachers are taught if the past decade is any indication.

This video shows a teacher recording a fight in his classroom. Instead of getting in between the two and risking getting involved or throwing a punch himself, he recorded the instance. How do we know that he wasn't recording this to have evidence that he himself had nothing to with why the two were fighting, to keep himself at bay to avoid putting his hands on a minor. We expect our teachers to make decisions based on what's best for our children, yet when they do we punish them. Our teachers should be able to protect themselves as well as our children.


While each of the circumstances above are different, they both involve a form of protection, whether it be our students or our teachers. What is needed for both of them is putting a form of protection and defense in their hands. Justifeyed is able to provide a direct line of communication to the proper authorities to see what is happening as it happens, and give our students and our teachers the chance to instantly be protected.

We need to start somewhere to give our teachers more then what they are getting, and stop taking from them. They do not have to carry guns or learn to shoot a gun, but they do need a form of protection and Justifeyed can be just that. This app is a way to show that your child is ok and where they are, what the teachers are doing to protect the children and where they are, as well as the opportunity to see a shooter live, and know where the shooter is and where the authorities need to be. So much can be seen and done with this one app, and the same app in every school creates a unified system that everyone can use. Help us put this app in our schools, and the hands of our teachers. Together we can make a change and show our teachers they are worth the extra effort they put in every day.

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