Back To The Future School Massacre 1764-2018

 Something incredibly shocking to the Justifeyed team is that the first school Massacre took place July 26, 1764 in Green Castle Pennsylvania. The Enoch Brown school massacre was "one of the most notorious incidents"of Pontiac's War. On July 26, four Delaware (Lenape) American Indian warriors entered a settlers' log schoolhouse in the Province of Pennsylvania in what is now Franklin County, near present Greencastle. Inside were the schoolmaster, Enoch Brown, and a number of young students. Brown pleaded with the warriors to spare the children before being shot and scalped. The warriors then tomahawked and scalped the children. Brown and nine children were killed. Two scalped children survived their wounds.Four children were taken as prisoners. It would not be until almost 100 years later the opportunity to use a phone to call emergency services would  exist. 

John Adams, 6th U.S. president was in office at the time, and even though that tragedy  took place over 200 years ago, we are still dealing with the same problem.  

There are many other problems that the last school shooting that took place at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida entailed.  This was another sad moment in time for the United States of America and president Donald Trump, as news outlets reported 17 people were killed in this shooting. The shooter was able to blend in with the students as the chaos ensued, leaving authorities blind to where he was. The line of communication was not clear enough to determine who the shooter was. This type of confusion in communication should not be happening this day in age. 

Mr. president we understand that protecting our schools and our children, is the number one priority.  Having said that now is the time to start putting safety in the hands of our students and teachers. Over 250 years ago we did not have the resources we have now to keep us informed and protected. We should not have tragedies happening at this level anymore. 

Justifeyed is here and ready to start making an impact on these sort of instances. We will be giving people a unified system that will help keep them protected on the inside, and informed on the outside. With a face to face connection to emergency services we are able to see what is happening, who and where the shooter is, and see who is ok and who needs immediate help. The second something is wrong or someone is where they do not belong, we can immediately connect to authorities and get them to the scene quicker, potentially saving more lives. We have the technology to implement this type of communication and the time do start it is now. Justifeyed will give our students and teachers their schools back, give them a sense of greater security, as well as keep the communication open and instant to not only authorities but parents as well. Lets give our schools a unified system of protection rather than putting guns in the hands of their teachers.  

Mayor, Senators, President Trump,and anyone in Washington, if this is something that hits home to you,even a little bit you should be sitting down talking with the Justifeyed team.  This is a positive change, in the right direction we can make together.

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