We're Back!

The Justifeyed website has been updated with more information for you. We have included new features one of which that will show you the events we will be going to or participating in, not just in Wisconsin but the whole United States. The Justifeyed team is excited to be heading to Washington D.C. to meet with government representatives and showcase our prototype, highlighting all the benefits the app will bring to our communities and schools. We are excited to travel to different places and share our experiences with you, We have really looked over the website and included information that will give a better understanding of how the Justifeyed safety system will benefit the emergency services,

We hope to bring in investors to see why Justifeyed is a lucrative investment. We are looking for more community support , and with this update you will see how we get out in the communities seeking that support, Justifeyed has come a long way and we couldn't be happier to share with you just how far we've come. Your support and words of encouragement, keep us moving in a positive direction on a daily basis.

Please share your thoughts on the update, and continue to visit the Justifeyed site every day to see what's new, and where our next adventure takes us. Share the website with your friends and encourage them to do the same. Justifeyed starts with you the user, so your thoughts and continued support will bring the change that is needed to protect our communities, our kids, and our schools. We are back and better than ever!

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