Hope Doesn't Get The Job Done

In Parkland Florida, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire on his former high school Wednesday afternoon, killing 17 people and injuring at least a dozen more.

During the confusion and chaos of the shooting, students inside the building texted their parents, siblings, and loved ones to let them know about the emergency — and to take that last potential chance to say "I love you." Others posted social media images of chairs overturned in classrooms and floors stained with blood.

In one cellphone video, a student cried, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" as gunshots popped rapidly in the background.

These were the sights and sounds of the 18th school shooting in 2018. US President Donald Trump said he is making plans to visit Parkland to meet with families and local officials. He pledged to meet "the nation's governors and attorney generals where making our schools and our children safer will be our top priority." 

As the media showed pictures and videos of people running and panicking, you never see those that are disabled. Justifeyed is wondering who is helping them through the chaos,and making sure they are ok. Why don't we see them being guided to safety?

What safety plan was in place for this type of situation, and does the school provide a safety app for the students. There are many schools that offer a safety app for their students, all different names, but none of them that offer a direct connection to emergency dispatch. 

Justifeyed is here to offer a unified solution of protection. An app that the student, the parents, emergency personnel,the whole community uses. Justifeyed's safety app offers face to face communication with emergency dispatch, which is incredibly beneficial in this type of situation for so many reasons. Dispatch is able to see what's happening live, where the shooter is and keep track of the situation as it's unfolding. This is also the same app the parents can use to keep connected. Justifeyed is a community wide approach to help these students, and all students be better protected in events like these. We are trying to teach these children ,if they see something, say something, but what if they can't. So many times in these situations no one can say anything, but with Justifeyed they can show someone. They can show it directly to emergency personnel. This is what is needed to empower these students with safety. 

At the time of this shooting, this was the 18th shooting since January 1st, and the 273rd since Sandy Hook. Justifeyed has been in Washington D.C. since Wednesday knocking on the doors of our nation's officals to create change together. Now is the time for action because hope doesn't get the job done.  

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