Justifeyed's Road To The Superbowl

A brand new stadium ready for the chaos and excitement that surrounds one of the biggest events of the year, the Superbowl. The city of Minneapolis MN will see a whole new level of people and events, like they've never seen before. 

Marcus Evans Creator and Founder of Justifeyed, is making his way to the Superbowl to see first hand how the safety and security plays out on such a large scale. This venue is perfect to see just how Justifeyed would work to help emergency services with thousands of people. While we don't doubt the city is prepared, you can never have to many eyes when it comes to crime and safety. 

There are people going into the city for the first time not knowing what areas aren't as safe as others, or who to ask for that information. Walking around almost blind to the area, but so caught up in the moment they might take safety for granted.

Justifeyed will be going into this asking first if there is a safety app already out there. What safety plans are in place, and how will you carry them out? Along with showing emergency services where we fit, and how we can work with them.

This is an amazing opportunity and perfect venue that has come at a great time. May the best team win!! 

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