Two School Shootings Too Much

Two school shootings, in two days, left two dead, and at least 16 wounded. On Monday, January 22nd, a 16 year old male student shot and wounded a 15 year old female classmate in the small town of Italy Texas. The very next day at Marshall County High School in Kentucky, a 15 year old male student opened fire in the common area of the school, killing two students and wounding multiple others.

In the case of the Texas shooting, the suspect engaged the girl in the cafeteria, before firing several shots from a .380 caliber semi auto-matic handgun. The girl, who is expected to live, had just moved to the area a few months prior, and is believed to have briefly dated the suspect.

Some students and parents of the school were angry after finding out who the shooter was. The student had a history of complaints, including allegedly creating a hit list in 8th grade, throwing a scissors at another student, and throwing a computer at a wall during a fit of rage. Although he was kicked out of school, he was eventually allowed to come back. One student stated that given the history of the suspect, this situation could have easily been avoided.

School superintendent Lee Joffre declined to comment on disciplinary actions involving the student, but stated the district adheres to regulations established by the Texas Education Agency.

Unlike the Texas shooting, the 15 year old male in the Marshall County Kentucky shooting had no prior history of violent behavior. On Tuesday, January 23rd at 8:59 am, the first 911 call came in regarding the shooting at the school, which was approximately two minutes after the first shot was fired. The school day had not yet started and students were gathered in the commons area, while others were still arriving. The suspect in this shooting was armed with a handgun as well.

Students were dropping their bags running and pushing past each other. People arriving in their cars started turning around and driving away, while others were jumping the fence and running for safety in the woods. You could see many students on their phones calling their parents, including Taylor Droke who was able to face time with her mother, letting her know she was ok. Sadly, two of the 16 students shot, passed away.

These are both traumatic and tragic situations, where two of these innocent kids lost their lives far to soon. A common statement for each instance was, " this is a small town, I can't believe this happened here." That misconception is a big reason why now is the time to make a change. Where were the metal detectors or security at these schools to prevent weapons from being brought into the school? What precautions or drills are in place to prepare for situations like this? All these questions and more will never be answered if we do not make a change. Small town, big city, these tragedies can happen anywhere.

While 911 was reached fairly quickly in at least one of these situations, it still left students and staff to have to answer numerous questions while trying to protect themselves and others.

Justifeyed could have provided live video feed of the situations and what was happening, to prevent so many questions and get help there quicker. This live feed would have gone to the parents of the children at the school, preventing chaos and worry with these parents flooding the schools and emergency services with panicked calls. These kids are a tech savy generation, as you can see from the young lady using face time to SHOW her mom what was happening. Why not offer that same face to face communication to all students, staff and parents through a safety app? With Justifeyed you can. Imagine being able to SHOW dispatchers what is happening as it's actually happening, enabling them to advise you on a safety plan right away. The emergency services heading to the scene would already know where to go, who was injured, and exactly where the suspect was to more efficiently stop them.

Justifeyed has the potential to change these situations and help prevent the tragedies they bring. We can create more safety and security for these communities and the people in them. Two young lives, lost too soon that could possibly still be here if armed with the power of Justifeyed. A change can only happen if we work together to create one.

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