Wisconsin's 911 System Needs Upgrade

Justifeyed LLC

Tonight on Fox 11 News at 9pm, they will air a story in regards to NextGen 911 coming to Wisconsin, and the cost to the state. Justifeyed would like to explain a bit about NextGen 911, and how powerful a collaboration with Justifeyed can be in changing the way we communicate with emergency dispatch nationwide.

Cullen Peltier, Director of public safety communications in Brown County stated he feels that Wisconsin is behind with the technology of the 911 system. He said with today's generation using outlets like Snapchat and live steam on Facebook, people think we should be able to use the same technology with 911, but in 2018 this option does not exist.

Below we will explain how Justifeyed and NextGen 911 will be the future of the 911 system.

Justifeyed LLC was created and founded in 2016, by Marcus Evans of Appleton WI. The system of Justifeyed is not currently active, however once activated the features we are about to explain will be a great asset to the 911 system.

By integrating LIVE video feed into the 911 system we create face to face communication with dispatch. This type of connection will save valuable time in any emergency situation, and provide a better way for those with disabilities communicating to utilize the 911 system. The system of Justifeyed allows the user to record an emergency situation on their mobile device, which lets the dispatcher identify the emergency in real time as it's happening , protecting the user by getting help to them quickly.

In December of 2017 Mayor Timothy Hanna of Appleton WI, endorsed Justifeyed, stating that he would like to see they system in all of our communities. With the support of local news outlets, we can create community awareness to implement the change that is needed.

NextGen 911 is an IP based system that allows information to flow seamlessly across 911, an evolving system of hardware, software, standards, polices, and training, with the goal of safer, faster, and more informed responses.

The system proves to be an efficient back up plan to get all calls answered when there are call overloads, such as natural disasters or power outages.

NG911 is saving lives, gaining efficiencies, and improving 911 to the future.

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