Regus And Justifeyed

The office staff at Regus has been nothing short of amazing with Justifeyed right from the start. The staff made it very easy to pick the office space.

Maria, Tyler, and Rachel always help keep us organized and on point. They greet us with giant smiles and kind words for the day, the moment we walk in the door. With them we never miss a message, an email, or a meeting, because they always keep us up to date. If we are not there we can always count on having all our information for the day on our desk and ready for us. Even a text message when it's really important. There are days when Marcus is there, hard at work until 2,3 or 4 in the morning and always has 24/7 access to everything. You can bet the coffee is always flowing. So many times during the week, Regus provided snacks or lunch to get us through the day. Another great amenity provided by Regus is office space no matter where we go. If we travel out of state, Regus has other offices we have access to, and can utilize them just like ours at home. Including the Wifi, coffee, and great office staff. Again thank you Maria, Tyler, and Rachel for making every day easy for Team Justifeyed. On tough days you can always make us smile, or share a laugh to take take some the stress away. We appreciate you , as much as you appreciate Justifeyed.

If you are looking for a great office space no matter what state you are in, check out Regus spaces at

Have a safe and happy New Year, let's make this one just as great as the last.

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