Justifeyed's Year In Review

In this video I answer a few questions about how the first year of Justifeyed has gone. There are so many people that have been a positive influence that we want to take the time to recognize.

First and foremost, found and president Adam Larson, and his incredible team at Zymo Interactive in Green Bay WI. Tyler, Peter and David, thank you for helping us to realize our dream of Justifeyed. The care and effort you took in bringing our ideas to life was like no other. Thank you for also being financially flexible to take that pressure off of us to better focus on our business.

To the city of Appleton WI Mayor, Timothy Hanna, you are great support. Anytime we want to chat or need help you are always just an email away. Your door is always open to us and we see this as such a blessing.

Thank you to Elder of B.A.B,E.S in Appleton WI. You have inspired us in so many ways. Your organization is amazing and we will continue to support you, as you have supported Justifeyed.

We also need to recognize the Post Crescent newspaper for putting our business out there, on the front page this past summer. It was a fantastic article and we thank you for featuring Justifeyed in it.

Mr. Marcus Dumke of Launch Wisconsin(Kinnektor) you have always had our back and believed in our potential. You keep us in mind all the time and introduce us to many great people. The Marcus and Marcus picture never gets old!

To all the local businesses for hanging up our posters, thank you so much for showing your support.

Lastly to my friends and family who shared a post or helped the business of Justifeyed succeed. You saw that to make a change we all have to take action.

One huge shout out to a special family member, Paula Lendobeja. You have believed in what we are doing and contributed bigger than anyone. Thank you for your big heart!

Also to a close friend that has been there since the beginning supporting me without question always offering another perspective, as well as some financial support. Although he wishes to remain anonymous , he has given a lot of time and inspiration to me. I really couldn't have done it without you man. All those late night 3 am conversations created many useful ideas,

This just goes to show that it took the support of so many people to get where we are today, and I look forward to the next year and meeting more new friends.

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