The Little Apple Doing Big Things

Justifeyed met with Mayor Hanna of Appleton, Wisconsin for the third time today in the course of the year, and it was by far, the best meeting yet. We shared our vision, our current projects and our future goals with the Mayor, and he loves what Justifeyed is doing. We compared the current 9-1-1 system, and Next Generation 9-1-1 system to Justifeyed, and the Mayor agreed that this application, would help save and improve the lives of the members of the community and help the emergency services more effectively perform their jobs knowing what to expect at a scene, and avoid miscommunication.

According to Mayor Hanna, the goal for Appleton First Responders to arrive at a scene of help is less than four minutes for about seventy-five percent of the time. In addition, the City of Appleton was one of the first cities to come onboard and require their Police Officers to wear body cams. Justifeyed will do the same in addition to helping victims, and allowing citizens to speak up and not just be bystanders. In the future, Justifeyed plans to meet with the Fire and Police Chief to introduce our great application, and its powerful use to the community with the help of Mayor Hanna. Concluding the meeting, we left the mayor with our newly released premiums, and were honored to interview him about his thoughts on Justifeyed.

 Appleton is a home to many and a home to Justifeyed, collectively we can grow and protect one another with this application. The Mayor believes in us, and we thank him greatly for his strong support of Justifeyed.

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