Jay-Z And Justifeyed

Mr. Shawn Crater AKA, Jay-Z, you are incredibly successful yet humble, as well as an admired family man. Being from such a diverse area like Brooklyn New York, you have seen innocent people die every day. You also remember the mayhem of the 9-11 attacks, but since then how much has changed with our emergency system? 2018 marks the 50 year anniversary of when the first 911 call was made, and sadly we are still pretty much working with the same technology with little updates.

Justifeyed has created a mobile application that will integrate live face to face communication with emergency dispatch. This type of communication eliminates the need for dispatch to ask so many questions because they can see what is happening and where the caller is, in turn saving valuable time. This is also very beneficial to any user with a disability communicating, to be able to use the 911 system with confidence.

We are currently looking for an investor to take Justifeyed to the next level, and be able to get this in the hands of people in our communities. Mr. Shawn Crater, all the ventures you have taken on continue to thrive on a consistent basis. What seems to be missing in the businesses you created or have become a part of, is something other than entertainment. How about investing in something to improve the safety of our communities, and how we interact with emergency services?

In so many communities our kids just want to make it safely to school to be able to reach their full potential, and not get caught up in gangs or gang activity. We want everyone to be able to feel safe walking down the streets in their communities, knowing if they need help it's right by their side. Jay-Z we are looking for your help to make this happen. As an African American based business, I believe it's not a black or white thing ,but a wrong or right thing. Investing in Justifeyed helps to give communities their streets back, and puts a powerful safety tool in their hands. Jay-Z , I believe together we can make a big and important change in 2018.

Please check out our website at www.justifeyed.com, and reach us via email at justifeyed@yahoo.com.

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