Dear President Trump

President Trump, there have been many massive tragedies that have taken place since the devastation of September 11, 2001. It seemed to have sparked an array of instances on a consistent basis over the last 16 years. What doesn't seem to change is the inconsistency at which these tragedies are handled.

Nearly two people die each second in the United States, so how much time are you going to let go by losing lives before a change is made? We need to be concentrating on updating an outdated system that is designed to save lives. There is still so much valuable time lost when trying to communicate with 911. The chaos surrounding the calls flooding into emergency dispatchers, still doesn't change the way those calls are handled. A massive tragedy or natural disaster occurs, the calls begin to flood the 911 system, and it becomes overwhelming. Our emergency services need to be better prepared when going into a situation to not only save time, but lives. Giving emergency personnel a chance to see the problem before they have to engage, prevents so many unnecessary instances from occuring.

Below are just a few of those tragedies:

September 11, 2001

> 9-11 Attack - 265 people died on 4 planes - 2,606 people killed in the World Trade Center - 125 people were killed at the Pentagon

>Tornado in Joplin,Missouri

- Killed 158 people 2002

>D.C. Sniper Attack -10 people killed


>Doug Williams Woker - Shot 14 work mates



>Hurricane Katrina -Killed 1,833 people

>Open Fire in Church - Killed 7 people


>Truck Driver School Shooting in Seattle,WA -Killed 7 students


>Virginia Tech Shooting -32 Killed people >Westroad mall shooting -Killed 9 people


>NIU Shooting

-Killed 6 people

>Shooting Spree in City Hall

-6 people died


>Hanson at Fort Hood

-Kills 13 people and wounds 42.

>Binghamton, New York -Wong

-Kills 13 people


>Professor Open Fires at University of Alabama -Kills 3 people


>Tuscan, Arizona Grocery Store

-Kills 6 people

>Hair Salon in California

-Kills 8 people

>IHOP in Nevada

-Shot 12 people


>Sandy Hook Elementary

- Kills 28 people

>Sikh Temple

-Kills 6 people

>Aurora, Colorado - Batman Shooting -Kills 12 people


>The Washington Navy Yard -Kills 12 people

>Boston Marathon Bombing

-Kills 3 people and wounds 264 people


>Elliot Rodger open fires in Isla Vista, CA

-Kills 7 people


>San Bernardino -Kills 14 people

>Gunman Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer shoots -Kills 9 people

>Dylan Roof

-Kills 9 people


>Pulse Night Club -Kills 49 people

>Floods of 2016

-Deaths of 234 people

>Blizzards of 2016 -38 deaths

2017 >Las Vegan Shooting

-Kills 58 people and wounds 489 people

>Rural Texas Church

-Kills about 26 people

>Hurricane Harvey

-Kills 80 people


-Kills 42 people


President Trump, Justifeyed is ready to be the source of change to better protect our communities, and better prepare our emergency services. The 911 system needs today's technology to effectivly handle the needs of today's circumstances. We need to be able to report what we see that isn't right the moment we seet it, without fear. We need the power to protect ourselves and those around us knowing emergency personnel is literally a face to face phone call away. Valuable time can be saved with face to face communication, potentially saving lives by getting to people faster and more prepared.

As a nation we are putting our money for technology into so many different horizons, but we need to be putting it into our communities, into their hands so they are protected at all times.

President Trump and our government, Justifeyed is talking to you. This change can only happen if you listen and realize that every second two more people do not have to die because the system designed to protect us has failed, if we just make the change now. The change that Justifeyed is ready to put in your hands.

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