Asian Man Harassed On A Train

 On a train in the Bay Area of Northern California, a passenger captured a very disturbing video of an Asian man being attacked. The video went viral showing the white man verbally harassing the asian man. First he called him a n*gger, then a Chinese n*gger and many other racial slurs. When the man strikes him, the unidentified Asian passenger calmly gets up to defend himself, but other passengers encourage him not to do so, and finally get up to try and diffuse the situation. The white man ends up getting off the train without incident at the end of the video.

"Many passengers actually helped to prevent any further escalation but none really tried to speak up and defend him" (including me). said Pacmanwu whom reported the video to the appropriate authorities. This video was sent to the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police watch commander, and the community is waiting to hear back from BPD.


In this video you can clearly see other people recording the altercation. If just one of these people would have had the Justifeyed app on their phone, that video would have immediately gone to the proper authorities, and the man may have been arrested immediately upon exiting the train. 

Many times people witnessing a crime do not want to engage the in the altercation, for fear of retaliation. With Justifeyed that doesn't have to happen, because the video gets to the proper people before the perpetrators realize what's happened. Other times we may not realize what we are witnessing is a crime. Hate crimes, no matter what age the individuals are, is still a crime. Getting that video to authorities while it's happening has the potential to make the difference to stop it from escalating into more.  

This is another reason why putting Justifeyed in the hands of people is needed now. We need to be able to protect one another no matter where we are. 

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