Justifeyed Looks For Support From B.E.T.

Dear Mr. Robert Johnson, Ms. Shelia Johnson, & Ms. Debra Lee,

Below are just a fraction of the stories you have posted on your site over the past few weeks. We chose these stories because they all highlight something different, ten different instances, that one app, an app that I, Marcus Evans have created could have helped end very differently.

Justifeyed is a powerful mobile safety application that integrates live video feed into the 911 system.This face to face communication can help save valuable time in an emergency situation, by eliminating the need for so many of the questions dispatchers have to ask. They are able to see what is happening and where it's taking place, to get help to you quicker.

  • Rapist signs were put up all over Morehouse and Spelman- They attempted to bring attention to sexual assault cases.

  • Cyntoia Brown is serving a life sentence for killing a man while trying to escape the horrors of child sex slavery- A petition has been started urging the current administration to #free cyntoia brown

  • Father was stabbed to death by burglars in front of his children- Jose Malave was stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend and children over a pair of sneakers.

  • Three Ohio pastors indicted for sex trafficking girls - Each of the men could be served a life sentence in prison.

  • Tampa serial killer's body count rises to four - Swat team starts their search going door to door.

  • Homeless veteran charged with kidnapping and murder in connection to the death of 19 year old Ashanti Billie- On September 18th after driving to her job on a Virginia Naval base, 19 year old Ashanti Billie went missing; 45 year old Eric Brown worked there as a day laborer.

  • Florida father leaves children in car for strip clubs- A Florida father left his two small children in his car for 30 minutes while he went in the strip club.

  • Bystander ignored mom's call for help after being shot- She was shot 5 times while protecting her children.

  • Disgusting video shows officer allegedly planting cocaine- Footage shows the officer finding drugs after planting them.

  • Man arrested for Wal-Mart shooting which killed three- Scott Ostrem's motive for the scary attack is not yet known.

These stories are tragedies of men, woman, and children, that with the help of the system of Justifeyed might have turned out quite differently, or potentially may not have happened at all.

What Justifeyed needs is your help. The help and support of an African American organization to aid a diverse small business in changing the way we communicate with 911. More often than not when we reach out in our community we are directed to areas such as Milwaukee, Madison, or Chicago, places more diverse. We are often told, in the area of Northeast Wisconsin, that they don't have a lot of crime or bad crime. The truth is crime and police are everywhere but they try to silence our message. In fact, WFRV CBS Local 5 Live in Green Bay Wisconsin met with us, wrote a contract we signed for an episode in their show, took our $500, and haven't contacted us since; this was about a year ago. However, even that hasn't stopped our determination and drive to want to empower our communities with the protection of Justifeyed.

B.E.T. we are asking for your help to put Justifeyed in the hands of the people of our communities. One system, powerful enough to save or change the lives of so many.

Soul power is we, soul power is me, so why can't Justifeyed be one with B.E.T. ?

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