Shaq And Justifeyed

Dear Mr. Shaquille O'Neal,

We are writing to you today looking for some support and inspiration. We know that as an aspiring sherrif you look to bridge the gap between law enforcement, and the communities they serve, to rebuild the trust and communication between the two. 

With all the shootings and tragedies happening it is time to stop focusing on the problem, and start forming and focusing on a solution. Between the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas, to the Hurricanes of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, we need to avail the power to the hands of the people providing them with protection and security.

Justifeyed is a powerful mobile application that will integrate live video feed into the 911 system. This face to face communication will help save valuable time in an emergency situation. The dispatcher is able to see what, and where the incident is happening, which will eliminate the need for all the questions that are generally asked and miscommunicated. In addition, this will help our emergency services be more prepared for every situations they face, allowing them to more efficiently do their jobs. 

As a society we need to do more and want more for our future. Every stadium in every community is different but the crime game is still the same. Lets drive the lane and slam dunk Justifeyed into our communities! 

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