NextGen911 and Justifeyed

Communities Nationwide have been relying on 911 technology for about 40 years now. 911 has improved over the years including cell phones services to better reach the system and features such as location tracking and texting. The world is constantly shifting with technological improvements and 911 must keep up with technology advances

When communities call for emergency services, they expect for assistance and the need for help to get there quickly. With 911 needing an upgrade, NextGen 911 looks to be just that. Transitioning from "Yesterday's" technology into a flexible, resilient and scalable system. Enabling 911 to keep up with the future. 

NextGen 911 is an IP based system that allows information to flow seamlessly across 911, an evolving system of hardware, software, standards, polices, and training, with the goal of safer, faster, and more informed responses. 

It will provide improved communication with first responders by sharing life saving information instantly. 

The system proves to be an efficient back up plan to get all calls answered when there are call overloads, such as natural disasters or power outages. 

NG911 is saving lives, gaining efficiencies, and improving 911 to the future. 


A partnership of Justifeyed and NextGen 911 would provide the most accurate information for emergency services, saving valuable time, which is the key to saving lives in an emergency situation. NextGen is implementing digital information such as voice, photos, videos, and text messages into the 911 system. Whats missing is the live video feed and that face to face communication that Justifeyed provides. 

Representatives Anna Eshoo of California and John Shimkus of Illinois co-chair the Congressional, NextGen 911 Caucus, along with 78 members of the House and Senate are all promoting a more dependable 911 network. We need to continue reaching out to all government officials to make this happen. Now is the time to get legislators, 911 and our communities to play their part to improve our system. Bring Justifeyed and NextGen 911 together to create a powerhouse of safety and protection nationwide. 

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