Justifeyed Meets With Locall Woman's Abuse Advocate

This past Friday, Melissa Meyer of Justifeyed met with Kimberly De La Cruz of a local woman's abuse advocate in Appleton, WI. The organization is a community organization that creates awareness and helps prevent domestic violence and abuse, also offering safety and support to diverse families in crisis. Given the fact that every 9 seconds in the U.S a woman is assaulted or beaten, this organization is a tremendous asset to the community. Kimberly explained that one of the services provided by this organization is giving cell phones to the woman they help, exclusively to call 911 emergency services at any time. While this can be very useful to these woman, the F.C.C. states that "because wireless phones are mobile, they are not associated with one fixed location or address, so if the victim cannot speak, they are hard to locate. If the victim gives too much information about where they are in a domestic altercation, it could make the situation more violent. 

Teaming up with Justifeyed and providing face to face communication can be so powerful for these woman. They become empowered, sometimes without having to say a word. 

Kimberly really liked the concept of the Justifeyed app, not only for the face to face communication but for the map as well. The map features provide knowledge of your surroundings which gives these woman a sense of confidence. She sees a great benefit in Justifeyed and thinks it will provide a much needed change to our emergency system. We look forward to meeting again and hopefully building a powerful working relationship. 

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