Startup Week Green Bay Wisconsin

As startup week continues in Wisconsin, Justifeyed continues to network with small startups showing support to them, and meeting some great people along the way.

While in Green Bay last night, we had the opportunity to listen to The Rise Of The Rest winner  the Creator and Founder of Lane Hub, Mark Hackl, talk about how he took his business from an idea to a working model. Mark gave a great presentation and we definitely learned a lot. We were able to ask questions about what he went through to get his business up and running, and also where he sees his company going. 

Some great networking took place afterwards and Justifeyed was able to connect with some knowledgeable people, that we cannot wait to sit down with to further a connection with them. 

Being able to work together with all different people to learn so much, has been an amazing asset for team Justifeyed. Startup week is definitely taking us to see new areas, as well as new people. Justifeyed will continue to keep moving along with the week and staying in the light in the community. 

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