Startup Week- Fond du Lac Wisconsin

This week is startup week in Wisconsin for small businesses. Justifeyed is traveling to a few of many cities holding events, to show support and gain knowledge to instill into our business. We visited Urban Fuel CoffeeHouse in Fon Du Lac, to network and share ideas to create a permanent co-working space in the city. As a group, everyone brainstormed what they would like to see in a work space and building, specifically for entraupeneurus. Each idea that was talked about and the ideas that a lot of people wanted to see incorporated, were written down and saved to be gone over and discussed at a later time with a committee.

As a team, Justifeyed was able to create a flow chart that lays out and explains so much of how Justifeyed goes from user, to emergency services.

Thank you for hosting and creating a great event in Fon du Lac; we cannot wait to see the entrapranuer space come together!

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