The Money Train Keeps On Moving

Justifeyed woke up Friday morning to another $8 million going into the Hotel Northland project. The money train keeps rolling through the tax payer dollars to preserve history, but what about protecting the lives of the police officers, fire departments, and emergency personnel in the community  When does the safety of the people and what Justifeyed can do for the communities begin to be heard? Putting money into keeping the jobs of the emergency workers, so there are no cuts to the protection of the people or the community. Offering an updated technology to better prepare emergency services and potentially save more lives. Even offering jobs to bring revenue to the communities to help build a better future for the youth. The government needs to start putting the tax payer dollars into what matters, their own lives and the people that protect them. 

City of Green Bay, you throw away almost $50 million on a building because it's historic , when just $1 million of those dollars could be going to upgrading a system that is the life line of that city.   

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