Over 300 iPhones Stolen From UPS Truck

It was reported that three "husky" men wearing dark hoodies broke into a UPS truck and stole over 300 iPhone X's. 

The incident occurred between 11:15am and 11:30am PT Wednesday morning. The driver was making his usual delivery to the Stones-town Galleria mall when the three thieves broke into the locked truck and stole 313 of the nearly $1,000 phones. 

Authorities, however, believe that this was a predetermined attack, the thieves were tracking the truck and knew exactly what they were looking for. "Given the dollar value in the incident itself it appears it was planned" said captain Rick Yick. UPS and Apple are in fact working with police on the investigation, cataloguing the MEI serial number with description. 

The theft will not affect customers who were expecting to pick up there new Iphones or even make a dent in Apple's coffers, with the company expected to make $84 billion in sales. 


No matter how prepared we think we are, someone could always be watching. Even though the doors in the UPS truck were locked, three determined men managed to break in and steal merchandise. Justifeyed could have played a crucial role in this situation. This happened mid morning in broad daylight, anyone could have seen this happening and recorded it. With Justifeyed this footage would have gone straight to authorities getting them quickly to the scene, which may have led to the men being apprehended. 

Just as these men were tracking and watching this truck, Justifeyed could have been tracking and watching these men. Recording the area, identifying the situation, protecting the truck and driver by immediately alerting authorities. This is just another example of why Justifeyed wants to be the new neighborhood watch. The eye of Justice for you and your communities. Donate and support Justifeyed now for the protection your neighborhoods deserve. 

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