Justifeyed Gives Back

Justifeyed took time out to give back with Justifeyed Jr. James Madison middle school invited veterans to come and speak about their experiences while in the military. Justifeyed learned a lot about the different experiences of different generations of veterans. For example, an older veteran describes how he went to the Navy with the intention of paying for college, while a younger veteran described his love and passion for having the honer to serve his country.

The kids were able to interact and participate personally with our veterans of this great country, giving them a chance to ask questions and get more knowledge about the dangerous they face to protect us. Justifeyed takes this opportunity to tip our hats in respect to the men and woman who serve and have served our country.


With the help of thee one and only Raianna Evans, we were able to hear stories of military veterans experiences. It is so beneficial for our youth to hear these stories to teach them comradery and team work. To many times we hear about our kids trying to take action on their own in a bad situation, instead of working together to make it better. Part of what Justifeyed Jr. does is give our youth a chance to fight back without having to be in the line of fire. A chance to help each other become stronger members of their communities by giving them the power to always do the right thing. This power gives our youth the confidence in knowing they can take control in any situation while they protect themselves.

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